(DINs 1471 - 74361 and Non Standard Fasteners)

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DIN 1471 Grooved pins full length taper grooved

DIN 1472 Grooved pins half length taper grooved

DIN 1473 Grooved pins full lingth paralled grooved

DIN 1474 Grooved pins half length reverse grooved

DIN 1475 Grooved pins third length center grooved

DIN 1476 Round head grooved pins

DIN 1477 Flat countersunk head grooved pins

DIN 1479 Turnbuckle nuts

DIN 1480 Turnbuckles

DIN 1481 Spring pins, heavy duty

DIN 1587 Hexagon domed cap nuts , full patern

DIN 1804 w Slotted round nuts

DIN 1816 Round nuts with set pin holes

DIN 2093 A,B,C Dics springs (Belleville type)

DIN 2509 Double end studs

DIN 2510 L Stud bolts with reduced shank

DIN 2510 NF Hexagon nuts for stud bolts

DIN 3017 Hose clamps

DIN 3090 Wire robe thimbles

DIN 3570 A U-Bolts

DIN 5401 Balls: hardened ground and polished

DIN 5406 Lock washers for lock nuts Din 981

DIN 6325 Parallel pins hardened

DIN 6330 Hexagon nuts - 1,5d

DIN 6331 Hexagon nuts with collar

DIN 6334 Hexagon nuts - 3d

DIN 6340 Plain washers hardened

DIN 6796 Conical spring washers (Belleville type)

DIN 6797 A+J Internal/external tooth lock washers

DIN 6797 AZ Tooth lock washers (type AZ)

DIN 6797 IZ Tooth lock washers (type JZ)

DIN 6797 AZV Tooth lock washers (type AZV)

DIN 6798 A+J Serrated lock washers

DIN 6798 AZ Serrated lock washers (type AZ)

DIN 6798 IZ Serrated lock washers (type JZ)

DIN 6798 AZV Serrated lock washers (type AZV)

DIN 6798 V 90degree Countersunk serrated lock washers

DIN 6799 Circlips for shafts

DIN 6880 Bright key stock

DIN 6885 A Parallel keys, round ended

DIN 6885 B Parallel keys, square ended

DIN 6887 Taper keys with gid head

DIN 6888 Woodruff keys

DIN 6900 Screw and washer assemblies (Sems)

DIN 6901-6908 Tapping screws assemblies (Sems)

DIN 6911 Hexagon socket screw keys with pilot

DIN 6912 Low head socket cap screws with pilot

DIN 6913 Spring washers with safety rings

DIN 6914 Hex bolts for high strength struct. bolting

DIN 6915 Hex nuts for high strength struc. bolting

DIN 6916 Washers for high strength structural bolting

DIN 6917 Structural bevel washers: 14%

DIN 6918 Structural bevel washers: 8%

DIN 6921 Hexagonal flange bolts

DIN 6923 Hexagonal flange nuts

DIN 6924 Self-locking hex nuts, non-metallic insert

DIN 6925 Self-locking nuts, all-metal construction

DIN 6926 Self-locking hex flange nuts: non metallic insert

DIN 6927 Self locking hex flange nuts: all-metal construction

DIN 7331 A Compression rivets

DIN 7338 A,B,C Rivets for brake and clutch linings

DIN 7339 Tubular rivets

DIN 7340 A Tubular rivets with flat head

DIN 7341 A Rivet pins

DIN 7341 B Rivet pins

DIN 7343 Coiled pins, medium duty

DIN 7344 Coiled pins, heavy duty

DIN 7346 Spring type straight pins light duty

DIN 7349 Flat washers with large ext. diameter

DIN 7500 A Slotted cheese head thread forming screws

DIN 7500 C Cross rec. pan head thread forming screws

DIN 7500 D Hexagon head thread forming screws

DIN 7500 K Flat head thread forming screws

DIN 7500 M Cross rec, flat head thread forming screws

DIN 7504 K,N,P Self drilling screws with tapping screws thread

DIN 7513 A Hex head thread cutting screws

DIN 7513 B Cheese head thread cutting screws

DIN 7513 C Selftapping screws - round head

DIN 7513 D Selftapping screws - flat head

DIN 7513 E Selftapping screws - oval head

DIN 7513 F Flat head thread cutting screws

DIN 7514 Drive screw, round head

DIN 7515 Drive screws, flat head

DIN 7516 A,B,C,D,E Thread cutting screws, corss rec. head screws

DIN 7603 A+C Sealing rings

DIN 7604 A+C Hexagon head pipe plugs

DIN 7964 Hexagon bolts with reduced shank

DIN 7965 Screwed inserts

DIN 7967 Safety nuts PAL (R)

DIN 7968 Hexagon fit bolts for steel structures

DIN 7969 Countersunk head bolts with forged slot

DIN 7971 B(BZ) Slotted pan head tapping screws

DIN 7972 B(BZ) Slott. flat hd tapping screws, hd angle 80 deg.

DIN 7973 B Slott. oval hd tapping screws, hd angle 80 deg

DIN 7976 BZ Hexagon head tapping screws

DIN 7977 Taper pins with external thread

DIN 7978 A Taper pins with internal thread

DIN 7979 Dowel pins with internal thread

DIN 7980 Hi-collar lock washers

DIN 7981 B(BZ) Cross recessed pan head tapping screws

DIN 7982 B Cross rec. flat hd tapping scrws, hd angle 80

DIN 7983 B Cross rec. oval hd tapping scrw, hd angle 80

DIN 7984 Socket low head cap screws

DIN 7985 A Cross recessed pan head machine screws

DIN 7985 Z1 Cr. rec. pan head screws w/captive flt. washer

DIN 7985 Z4 Cr. rec. pan head screws w/captive l/washer

DIN 7989 A Washers for steel constructions

DIN 7990 Hexagon bolts for steel structures

DIN 7991 Flat socket head cap screws

DIN 7992 Tee-head bolts with large head

DIN DIN 7993 A Snap rings for shafts

DIN 7993 B Snap rings for bores

DIN 7995 Cross recessed oval head wood screws

DIN 7996 Cross recessed round head wood screws

DIN 7997 Cross recessed flat head wood screws

DIN 9021 B Washer, plain, large

DIN 15237 Screw for belt, large head, plate shape

DIN 16903 (A+S) Insert nuts for plastic mouldings

DIN 22424 A Triangular head screws

DIN 22425 Triangle nuts with collar

DIN 25195 Countersunk bolts with double nip

DIN 32501 Weld studs

DIN 46288 A Connecting washers for terminals

DIN 46288 B Connecting washers for terminals

DIN 70952 A Locking plates for slotted round nuts

DIN 71022 Slotted screwed sealing plugs

DIN 71412 Grease fittings 45 degree

DIN 71412 Grease fittings 90 degree

DIN 71752 Clevis yokes

DIN 71803 A Ball studs with threaded neck for angle joints

DIN 71803 B Ball studs with rivet neck for angle joints

DIN 71805 A,B Ball seats with snap ring for angle joints

DIN 74361 A,B,C Spring washers for disc wheels

DIN 80705 Small pattern hex nuts



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M1 Flange socket head screws

M2 Socket hd cap screw w/special

low head

M3 Socket head shoulder screws

M4 Socket button head screws

M5 Blanks, hex cap screws, not threaded

M6 Hexagon flange bolts

M7 Hexagon flange bolts

M8 Hexagon flange bolts

M9 Hexagon serrated flange bolts

M10 Hexagon nuts

M11 Hexagon flange nuts

M12 Hexagon flange nuts

M13 Hexagon flange nuts

M14 Hex flange nuts w/nylon insert

M15 Sealing nuts, self-locking, Seal Lock

M16 Hex nuts assem. w/lock washers

M17 Hex nuts w/con. spring washer

M18 Hexagon serrated flange nuts

M19 Spot weld nuts

M20 Rivet bushings

M21 Pressed insert nuts

M22 Blind rivet nuts

M23 Blind rivet nuts, Tubtara (R)

M24 Slott countersunk nuts 110 deg

M25 Tee nuts

M26 Spring nuts U-Type for tapping screws

M27 Speed nuts for self tapping/

metric screws

M28 Bent eye screws

M29 Suspension screws

M30 Thumb screws

M31 Plastic anchors

M32 Truss head screws

M33 Slott flat trim hd mach. screws

M34 Thumb screws-knobs

M35 B7 threaded rod

M36 Hose clamps, light-duty and heavy duty range

M37 Flat washer w/out hole

M38 Conical spring washers

M39 Ribbed lock washer

M40 Safety spring lock washer

Jac I+II

M41 Shim washers

M42 Wire circlips

M43 Crescent rings for shafts

M44 Grip rngs for shafts w/out grooves

M45 Speed nuts push-on type

M46 Drill rod

M47 Hammer drv scrws type U

M48 Spring cotter of a bolt

M49 Clamping rings, light duty

M50 Articulated joints

M51 Scrws for plastic (PT) (R)

M52 Thread cutting screws

M53 Hanger bolts

M54 Bent eye wood screws

M55 Hook wood screws

M56 Square hook wood screws

M57 Chipboard screws

M58 Protection plugs plastic

M59 Kalei press nut

M60 Drive-in nut (Tee-nut)

M61 Connecting nut (3XD),

class: 5S

M62 "O" Rings Rubber only

M63 Spire speed nut

M64 Self drilling screws

M65 Locking spring pin

M66 Blind rivets

M67 Freeze plugs

M68 Freeze plug (Cup type)